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Discovering Albion – day 9: Soapbox…

It was getting late by the time we left the island. Ten miles back to the last hotel we had passed or forge ahead and see what happened? We forged ahead and fell lucky, finding a little place north of … Continue reading

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I lost it. The computer screen got it right between the eyes. The dog hid under the desk as I gave vocal vent to the emotion the onscreen message incited. It may have been an over-reaction, but it was probably … Continue reading

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Mobile menace…

It is a five-mile drive home from work. I nearly killed three people. Four, counting the baby I must assume was in the hooded pushchair. You can imagine the headlines, “Mother and baby killed by careless driver…” Few would look … Continue reading

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Guest author: Sarah Brentyn ~ Be the Grain You Were Meant to Be

In one day, I saw three negative opinions about indie “authors”. (I use quotes here as these opinions implied indies are not actually authors.) One was a blog post and the other two were strings of tweets on Twitter. They … Continue reading

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Death of a salesman ~ Running Elk

Rebogged from Shamanic Paths: We’ve all had them. The incessant sales calls, interspersed with the “Hello, I’m a hacker looking for easy access to your computer, erm, I mean, Steve from Microsoft…” type calls. Now, apart from the half-assed hacker … Continue reading

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Who fed the Mogwai?

You know the story… warm, fuzzy creature, gets wet and fed after midnight then turns into a destructive Gremlin? I’m fairly certain that WordPress must employ Mogwai and forget the bathing and feeding routine occasionally… And every so often, I … Continue reading

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Forcibly divorced

I have a complaint. It is Bank Holiday here, so, in need of provisions and with a sudden desire for apricots, I was obliged to go to the supermarket. I don’t do it often. It depresses me. But that isn’t … Continue reading

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Happy little elves have been playing again…

So… Between one post and the next, somebody, who shall, for the sake of discretion, remain nameless, has been playing again. Somebody has been twiddling with the settings on that nice little black header bar at the top of the … Continue reading

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#amblogging: WordPress Blues

Originally posted on Life in the Realm of Fantasy:
WordPress people…you have pissed me off. For a year now you have been trying to shove this new, less-than-useful dashboard down my throat, and for that same year, I have refused…

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Dear Happiness Engineers, You’ve done it again, haven’t you? Everything stops functioning properly, then suddenly the options we once had… and are used to… disappear. Only to be replaced by yet another ‘mobile friendly’ option that is proudly announced and … Continue reading

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