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They’ve been at it again…

Cartoon by IndieBerries * Dear WordPress… what have you done now? This latest game’s a joke… Why did you have to tamper With a thing that wasn’t broke? ‘Press This’ had always worked so well I was over the moon … Continue reading

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The vindictive blog…

When summer comes and we are all supposed to be otherwise occupied with sun, sand, sea and yet more sun, it appears that the WordPress gremlins take advantage of our absence to play. Being British, you can take ‘sun’ and … Continue reading

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Happy little elves have been playing again…

So… Between one post and the next, somebody, who shall, for the sake of discretion, remain nameless, has been playing again. Somebody has been twiddling with the settings on that nice little black header bar at the top of the … Continue reading

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Far be it from me to even dream of suggesting that WordPress are happily engineering some new horror to sneak up on us poor, unsuspecting bloggers. The fact that the sites seem to be grinding to a halt every so … Continue reading

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