Living Ones…

‘Solar Bear’ – Sue Vincent 2009


… “Well,” says Wen, with a mischievous grin playing across her features, “I have some more shocking news for you.”

“Really?” say I. Not really paying too much attention because most of that is taken up by the game of fetch which Anu has again managed to embroil me in.

“The Children of Don, may well be the Welsh version of the Crafty Folk!” My throwing arm pauses in mid-air, the Ball of Power still clasped in its folded ‘maw’, poised.

Anu pauses too, poised in ‘setter’ mode, tail to earth and nose to heaven, pointing out his intent. It is as if the world has been halted in order for the magnitude of Wen’s statement to sink in.

“I think I did sort of know that,” I manage to muster after long moments in limbo-land, “I had just never realised the ramifications of its import.” The Ball of Power again arcs into the air flying way, way beyond its intended destination, out through the living room door, and into the garden. Anu growls, and leaps, and barks, as if in protest at the transgression of the spacial rules to our game, and then bounds out into the garden after the Ball of Power, singing…

“It’s all in that dream.”

“Which one?”

“The one written in Oz after the mozzie attack.”…

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