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Harvest of Wyrms…

* ‘The Witch’, they called her but she minded not, tending to her herbs and the animals and birds which nature’s highest intelligence brought to the garden of her single-roomed house knowing her abilities to hold and to heal… It … Continue reading

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Feeling True…

…Her hand crept to the feather at her throat. Her gift from the gods. The colour of flame. She had strayed from the path. Seeking silence. Preparing herself for what was to come. The great bird had wheeled overhead. Soaring … Continue reading

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Father Bear… Stuart France

Pentre Ifan * Which translates, ‘Ivan’s Village’ but was also formerly known as, ‘Arthur’s Quoit’. Another ‘quoit’, and only a few miles away from the last one. This seems, if anything, a little unimaginative. Or, alternatively, it could signal a … Continue reading

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Mother Bear… Stuart France

Carreg Samson * With a total disregard for tradition we tackled our ‘just right bowl of porridge’ first . It is strange to say, perhaps, but this particular conglomeration of, once covered but now exposed, structured stone did not, initially, … Continue reading

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Pieman… Stuart France

When Pieman was very young, and living at the beginnings of time, he often slept with the Cave Bear Clan during stormy weather. * Over the course of many such nights, Big Brown Bear who was also very old, taught … Continue reading

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Feeling True II from Stuart France

* …“No matter,” says Wen, “they sometimes put contact details up.” She starts to scrutinise the notice board of the porch and then taps a number into her phone… “No answer!” Bugger times two! We content ourselves with a swift … Continue reading

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The visible world

The red kite watched us pass as we drove to the station. Another soared over the fields a few miles further on. The return saw yet another perched beside the road and two more, the biggest I have yet seen, … Continue reading

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