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Discovering Albion- Day 3: Chester Cathedral

We should have known, of course, right from the first. It was there, written in flowers and earth… but although we saw, we didn’t see. How could we? Such signs and portents seldom become clear until after the fact and … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXXIV: The Smallest of Churches

We were up bright and early for the final day of our journey home. We drove once more to Cerne Abbas, finding the village almost deserted and the church just being opened by the old gentleman who is the Keeper … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Myths and hauntings of Warwickshire. ~ Gary Stocker

The holy well of Whitnash. Whitnash has been settled since pre-Christian Celtic times. The present-day church of St Margaret is on a mound which may have been of pagan importance in pre-Christian times. It also used to have a holy … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Murder, Ghosts and Sainthood in Offchurch ~ Gary Stocker

Gary Stocker shares the story of a murder, a ghost and a saint… whose legend I explore at the end of Gary’s post: In the Warwickshire village of Offchurch in the 1650s a man was stabbed to death in a … Continue reading

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Striding Out… Stuart France

* Big-Chief Red-Wood and the Ochre Stair… The Science-Men are adamant he was never there. Even if he was he would not fit into any of their boxes. All that’s needed now is a good Earth with lots of foxes! … Continue reading

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‘Cadged’?… Stuart France

* Did Turpin’s Troupe Drop him Deep in the Soup? * That Devil’s cast of scallywags and wild haired, grinning hags… who still adorn the plastered walls in Glory’s glossy prima-face. There now to tease and please the local populace. … Continue reading

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Time travelling: Ivar the Boneless and the Bone-yard…

Repton today is no more than a small Derbyshire village, but once it was the capital of Mercia, one of the most powerful realms of its era. For three hundred years, Mercia encompassed most of what would eventually become the … Continue reading

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Not a stone… Stuart France

It is a familiar conundrum. Whenever we come across sites like this, and we seem to come across more than a few, there is an inevitable question. How much of it is natural? Without question much of it is, but … Continue reading

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Sayings… Stuart France

* ‘Sure as Stone’ * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Here be ‘Hobbits’… Stuart France

* ‘Grey Hobbits’ are still often to be seen in these parts for those with an eye and copious amounts of patience. * * They have developed a penchant for photographing light anomalies in the atmosphere… Reblogged from Stuart France

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