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Guest Author: G. Michael Vasey – I Made an Album!

G. Michael Vasey is an old friend, met once and known for years. It was with Gary that the Mystical Hexagram was written. He is a well known writer in his professional field and a poet. He released his first … Continue reading

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Bardic Study – Waltz of the New Moon… from Stuart France

* Another one of Robin’s early efforts. When invoking the  Bardic Spirit  there  are not  too many candidates around, unfortunately… For a spell this was my all time favourite song ever, if only for its helter skelter whirl of minor … Continue reading

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Leaf and Flame – Trust and honour

The Saturday night ritual drama saw Gawain taken to meet his fate. The Green Knight waited in the Green Chapel to return the blow traded so long ago… and Gawain’s own actions left the outcome in doubt. How can he … Continue reading

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May Day morning

We tried to get an early night on Beltane Eve… but it didn’t really happen, so when the alarm sounded at 3.30 next morning, we should have been reluctant to move… yet my guests and I were all soon up, … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up – The Tunnel

There were some great entries for the photo-prompt this week. There have been some issues with disappearing pingbacks that have plaguing WordPress this week. If you created a pingback and your post is not listed, please let me know in … Continue reading

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Clouds From Both Sides by Geoff le Pard

Reblogged from Geoff Le Pard at Tangental I was reminded tonight of the fabulous Joni Mitchell Song Both Sides Now This line stuck, stuck hard in my throat, my head, in every little bit of me I’ve looked at clouds … Continue reading

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Listening in

For the past few weeks I’ve been bugged. No, not, unfortunately, by some dashing Man In Black listening avidly for my slightest word… (though who knows, given some of the things in the search history of any writer…) but by … Continue reading

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‘Fancy going to a concert’? An afficionado of Trance and Hardcore music was making the suggestion, so I was a tad suspicious… ‘What’s on?’ I ask through narrowed eyes… ‘Royal Philharmonic…’That was unexpected… ‘What are they playing?’ I ask, reeling … Continue reading

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