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Mad Aunt: A Fairy Tale…

* ‘Faggot – n. a bundle of fire sticks’ OED * A Song for Two Voices * M: It was Christmas Eve babe In the drunk tank An old man said to me, won’t see another one And then he … Continue reading

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Freezing Brass Castles…

* ‘A fleet hoofed horse moves swift as quick wit’ – Old English Proverb * …’ After spiriting George away from his mother’s side, Kalyb, the fell enchantress tended to him as the apple of her eye, and appointed twelve … Continue reading

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Losing the past

There was an article about the archaeological explorations taking place along the route of HS2, the planned high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. It highlighted the amazing number of sites being excavated, spanning the human history of the last … Continue reading

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The Eye-Guy… Stuart France

* SPOILS OF THE ABYSS  When Pryderi, Lord of Underhill, was treated for the  injury done to his arm by Tyrnonos, Thunder-of-Water,  his leech, Nudd, found that he was unable to save the limb; so  he hacked it down to … Continue reading

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All – Ex – Andros… Stuart France

One is All… In Alchemy there are no short cuts. Many are those who have spent a life-time seeking its treasure in vain. On the other hand, everything it promises to reveal is freely given at the outset. One need … Continue reading

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Mister Fawst! A Magical History… Stuart France

  * DRAMATIS PERSONAE MISTER FAWST – A Doktor of Theology. SPENSER – His Valet. ROGER – His Clown. BLACK AND WHITE – His good and bad Angels. ACEDIA AND VAINGLORIA – His Children. CARBS and CHOLES – His Scholarly … Continue reading

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The Hobbler’s Hovel… Stuart France

* … “Strength of my sword-arm,” continued Fiachna, “destitute and decrepit though I now am, I have a treasure hidden away. I never dared dream I would live to pass it on to Cuill’s son.” “Fine will be the gift … Continue reading

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