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Swift Passage…

A Guided Visualisation by Sue Vincent… * Close your eyes, relax and prepare for an inner journey, breathing deeply and easily. You stand on a green mound by a sunlit sea. Far below you is a pristine shore of white … Continue reading

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Three faces

For November, it was a surprisingly pleasant morning. In need of somewhere to go to stretch our lockdown-cramped legs, we wandered to a neighbouring village to explore its history. Whilst personal preference may direct our attention to the ancient face … Continue reading

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Interlude ~ Before the Stones

The trouble with writing about somewhere like Stonehenge… somewhere that almost everyone recognises and feels they know something … is that most of us know nothing at all apart from the familiar form of the circle and trilithons. We just … Continue reading

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Giants Dance: Rhyme and Reason… now Book of the Month at Strange Book Reviews

It is always a lovely surprise to find a review of a book. Even better when it is a positive review… Book of the Month and reviewed at Strange Book Reviews It started with a Kite moved through conversations with … Continue reading

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From the archives ~ Burrow Mump

It is a while since we visited Burrow Mump, not far from Glastonbury. I had driven past with a friend and almost took the car into the hedge at the surprise of this ruin-topped hill looming up out of the … Continue reading

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Five day photo challenge 3 – Avebury

Day 2 of the challenge and I’m cheating. This one was taken a while ago. On the other hand, this is where I actually am… and I hope the weather is as good. We… the Silent Eye and friends… are … Continue reading

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Heart of Albion: Tales from the Wondrous Head – Book Review

Heart of Albion is the second book in the Triad of Albion series, along with The Initiate and Giants Dance. It began with a walk over the bracken covered hillsides of Derbyshire to a lonely stone circle, almost forgotten. It … Continue reading

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Giants Dance on Kindle offer – Day 1

The promotion runs from 31st March to  7th of April on Amazon UK and Kindle Countdown Deals start at the lowest price and rise in increments for the duration of the promotion until they reach the normal sales price. … Continue reading

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We had tramped across the high moors, rested within an ancient ring of stones to watch the clouds race and then it was time. A bitter wind whipped the bronzed skeletons of last year’s heather as we travelled the empty … Continue reading

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From Giants Dance…

..“Is that Wild enough for you?” “That’s pretty wild.” “Glad we brought it on?” “No, not really.” “How can the One be evil?” “Say what?” “The One is the One.” “Oh.” “The evil is a disguise to win back the … Continue reading

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