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Amnesia II… Stuart France

* Spontaneous Internal Combustion. You may have heard of the phenomenon? It can now be regarded as the final death-knell for the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Continue reading at Stuart France

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The eggs of the swan

After the festivities of the afternoon, there was time for a convivial meal with all our friends at the George and Pilgrim, the 15th century inn that still houses guests, history and ghosts. The town was busy with the Beltane … Continue reading

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The Face of a Queen by Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Alethea Kehas, who played Guinevere at the recent leaf and Flame Workshop. Legends tell of a queen of great beauty. Guinevere, thought by some to be part mortal, part Fae, a queen who seduced hearts and intoxicated the … Continue reading

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Starchild in Glastonbury is one of the few shops where I can spent unlimited time and wish for an unlimited budget. You walk through the door … a work of art in itself…into a low-ceilinged space lined with polished wood … Continue reading

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The Glastonbury Sanctuary – be a part of it

Last year Steve, Stuart and myself as Directors of The Silent Eye were privileged to give a series of talks in Glastonbury, a place known to folklore, legend and to the hearts of many as Avalon, the magical realm of … Continue reading

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A last visit…

Glastonbury was ready for Christmas, the streets decked with lights and trees. We, of course, were not there for the festivities, but to give the final talk of 2014, the last of the current series in Glastonbury. It will be … Continue reading

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….and relax

I stopped, of course, at Silbury Hill on the way to Glastonbury; it has become a tradition, even though my travelling companion was unable to join us this time. The road seems longer alone, but I wasn’t alone for long … Continue reading

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Stoned in Glastonbury

On Thursday we will be in Glastonbury again. By ‘we’ I mean Steve, Stuart and myself on behalf of The Silent Eye, for the fourth of our talks under the aegis of the Glastonbury Reception Centre. The subject of the … Continue reading

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Taking five…

Stuart arrived late Tuesday evening and the Burgundy ensured we talked till the small hours as usual. We were, however, ready to roll early next morning. By the time my son phoned to ask if we would be calling in … Continue reading

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From Giants Dance…

..“Is that Wild enough for you?” “That’s pretty wild.” “Glad we brought it on?” “No, not really.” “How can the One be evil?” “Say what?” “The One is the One.” “Oh.” “The evil is a disguise to win back the … Continue reading

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