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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2020! Paws for thought…

Dear Santa, Do you know how many of the four-legs I have met since I’ve been blogging have come from rescues and shelters? You’ve got to admit, they are all intelligent and interesting creatures… Yes, even the cats. Noelle’s Garfield, … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2019! Trees, trifles and triffids… with Toby, Austin and Hugh Roberts

Hey Santa! Almost there now! I’ll be an antler-free zone this year with any luck! And that is all down to the kindness of my friends who, getting into the Christmas spirit, have all rallied round. Toby and Austin are … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2019! Getting it right… and a poem from Willow

Dear Santa, I’ve been thinking. I know you always bring me new toys and treats, but …and don’t tell her this… I prob’ly get more than enough treats all year and my toy box is overflowing.  I’ve still got loads … Continue reading

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Guest author: Anne Goodwin ~ Where would you be without your identity as a writer?

What does it mean to be a writer? What function does it serve in our lives? Around fifteen years ago, as I was beginning to pay attention to the part of me that longed to be an author, I attended … Continue reading

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Guest author: Rachael Ritchey ~ The Making of an Anthology

How does one get from A to XYZ without losing one’s mind? Simple. Forego the mind altogether. Actually, that advice doesn’t even begin to explain how putting together an anthology might actually work, so let’s start from the top. The … Continue reading

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Wendy Steele interviews Judith Barrow, author and co-organiser of the Narberth Book Fair

Reblogged from Wendy Steele: Today, I’m excited to interview Judith Barrow on my blog, repaying the favour after she interviewed me for BookSmart on Showboat TV. I met Judith two years ago when I attended what was then the Tenby … Continue reading

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From Keith Channing-The gift of giving: win one of three #Lendwithcare gift vouchers. #makealoanchangealife

Reblogged from Keith Channing… a seasonal offer to help you help others: CHRISTMAS 2017 SPECIAL OFFER My wife, Clare, and I are long-time supporters of Lendwithcare, a micro-finance organisation set up by Care International, one of the world’s leading aid … Continue reading

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Guest author – Katharine E. Smith

Eight years ago I was pregnant and working for an animal charity. I was unhappy. It hadn’t always been that way but my new manager and I didn’t see eye-to-eye. I knew the organisation had form for treating staff badly … Continue reading

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The Fear of Giving? – Kenneth L. Decroo

My good blogging friend, Dawnliz, posted some great insights on giving, or more importantly, the fact that we don’t give because of our fear of giving to “fake charities or cons.” This reminded me of an incident that happen on one … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – Seeing the light

Dear Santa, I’ve a bone to pick, Perhaps a bone or two… I saw another Santa Claus… She says there are a few! I’d been flopped out, just lazing On the sofa for the night When suddenly, I heard a … Continue reading

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