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Dawn of Disgrace ~ Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

We stood up on the cliff looking down at the scene of destruction below. The gale force wind so strong that we could hardly stand. Waves crashed over the bow of the stricken vessel. We could not keep our torches … Continue reading

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Threshold ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

“It’s a bit big.” “What is, woman?”, said Mr. Neanderthal regarding Mrs. Neanderthal with despair. “The door”, she replied. Mr. Neanderthal turned to take in the enormity of the threshold to the world outside as if for the first time. … Continue reading

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Frank Prem ~ Devil in the Wind: Now available for pre-order!

Over the past week, Australian poet, Frank Prem, has shared recordings of some of his work on this blog. You can listen to the poems by clicking here and here. Frank’s new book, Devil in the Wind, is now available … Continue reading

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The 2019 Interview Series Featuring Marcia Meara

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
What comes first in your writing, the plot or the characters? Characters. Every time. I think about someone that would probably have an interesting story to tell, like an eco-tour boat captain and a…

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Smorgasbord Book Reviews – Small Town Kid by Frank Prem

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A Walk In The Woods – A Sneak Peek…

Originally posted on estherchiltonblog:
As many of you know, my books of short stories, A Walk In The Woods is available to pre-order from Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US). Would you like a sneak peek and to read part of…

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Beliefs fire perception ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

blinding light shadows consciousness my accustomed eyes look for comfort in seeded beliefs. Continue reading at Reena Saxena

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Threshold ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Morning light seeped in, illuminating the threshold, but not digging its way any deeper.  With the dawn came the salt-tinged breeze.  The surf continued, as it always had and always would, a constant background murmur and throb.  It was relaxing, … Continue reading

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Elusive realities: The touch of the past..?

We visit a lot of ancient sites and, over the years, have developed both a set of ideas and a bit of a ‘feel’ for these places. Some of those ideas have later been borne out by research into the … Continue reading

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Mountains White as Clouds… Stuart France

* … “As I see it,” continues Wen, “we have two possible identities for an Old Woman who tends a Herb Garden and can be described as an Enchantress, or an Ogress…” “Only two?” “She is either Mother Earth or … Continue reading

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