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Freed ~ John Freda #writephoto

Step down Fear me no more I quit this wretched job Let them fly in and feast till full I live Reblogged from The Magic Shop

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Decisions, decisions ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

Old Scratch stood at the junction on top of the hill wondering which way to go, the people in the last town he had stopped at had been only too pleased to see the back of the him. “Well that’s … Continue reading

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Glastonbury and the last Abbot of Glastonbury ~ Roberta Eaton

About Glastonbury Glastonbury was initially inhabited by stone age farmers. In 1892 the iron-age village near Glastonbury, now known as Glastonbury Lake Village, was discovered by a young medical student called Arthur Bulleid. The village was first constructed in approximately … Continue reading

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Michael #writephoto

The decision was an easy one and depended on one’s mood. If you took the road right, you went Nowhere if you took the road left you went Somewhere. If you were feeling a bit down and not all that … Continue reading

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Life ~ Deborah #writephoto

*** Life is like a signpost and our decisions, good or bad are what we use to map out which direction we will take. *** Reblogged from Deborah’s Deliberations

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The wounded heart of Paris

The white dome of the Sacré-Cœur, floating like some fairy tale castle against the blackness was my very first glimpse of Paris. It was a school trip, we were no more than children… and I fell in love with the … Continue reading

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State of Nations… Stuart France

* If a nation Fails to stand In right relation To its stories… Continue reading at Stuart France

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Come-uppance #midnighthaiku

Ego illusion Self-confident aggression Really just small fry A newly introduced, and rather bumptious tiger loach, felt itself to be king of the aquarium at feeding time, having seen off ‘the competition’… fish smaller than itself. Then, it came face … Continue reading

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