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Into the world ~ The Dark Netizen #writephoto

* Beyond The Dense Trees, And Into The Sunlit World, Our Life Takes Us All… * Reblogged from The Dark Netizen

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The New Clear Winter~ Fandango #writephoto

The village elders had talked about the prophecies, but most people thought it was just more incoherent mumbo-jumbo. The elders spoke of how, several centuries earlier, the Lord, in His wisdom, had unleashed a torrent of destruction because His children … Continue reading

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Piety, Pranks and Parties: Easter medieval style ~ Alli Templeton

Reblogged from Medieval Wanderings: In medieval times, life revolved around the church, and the year was marked out by a series of religious festivals, customs and holidays of which Christmas and Easter were the main events. But contrary to many … Continue reading

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The Sun Shines Through ~ Teresa Smeigh #writephoto

Sunset was still an hour or so away, but the sun was falling behind the trees and darkness was descending over the woods. Scott had been wandering listlessly around the woods all afternoon. He wasn’t feeling well and shouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Dear Don: But ‘n’ Ben…

Dear Don, The odd thing is that although the starting point for Erin made absolute sense at the time… I can barely grasp how at this point. Not because I can’t see how… but the crystal clarity of the moment … Continue reading

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Beyond ~Di #writephoto

That last drink must have been spiked. He could usually handle his liquor, but something was amiss tonight. How did he get here anyway? And that light was so damn bright! And it was quiet. Too quiet. Where was everybody? … Continue reading

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Join Sally Cronin for the Smorgasbord Easter Parade Blog Party…

Head on over to Sally’s place to join the party for her Easter Parade, where you can leave your links in the comments and introduce yourself. You’ll find humour, food and music… and meet her guests Debby Gies, John Howell, … Continue reading

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Bardic Review… Stuart France

* It has been our policy for some time now to ask Companions to bring readings for inclusion in our Landscape Weekends… We first tried this on the Glastonbury Walk-and-Talk weekend and were delighted with the results. The energies of … Continue reading

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Foundations #midnighthaiku

* Ancient foundations Respectful recognition Sustaining new life * (The photograph was taken at Chester Cathedral, where the arcade in the medieval church is supported by Roman pillars. You can read about our visit to the cathedral here: Chester Cathedral   … Continue reading

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