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Himani in Conversation With “D.Wallace Peach” from “MythsOfTheMirror🐉”

Reblogged from Books and Sstuff: Omigod! I am just so super excited to start with my Author Interview Series with one of my favourite Blogger (Myths of the Mirror) who is equally an awesome Fantasy writer. I personally like her … Continue reading

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Mother of all Living…

* The Spirit planted a garden on its holy mountain in the east. It was sown with trees whose fruits were blazing jewels: diamond, sapphire, and agate, emerald, sardonyx and cornelian, opal, beryl, and topaz, malachite, garnet and amethyst. * … Continue reading

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Lord of the Deep: And so it begins…

All being well, we are converging from across this country and others, on the little Derbyshire village of Great Hucklow. This year, the story that frames the central themes of the weekend is that of the Epic of Glgamesh, possibly … Continue reading

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Smile #midnighthaiku

* Ordinary joys Pleasure in the little things Every day a gift *

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