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Taking a New Direction ~ Suzanne #writephoto

Saga, the Norse Goddess of Story wandered over the Icelandic plains. It was late winter and everything around her was surrounded in gloom. Saga herself was all of a dither for she didn’t know which way go or which stories … Continue reading

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The Paths Not Followed ~ Fandango #writephoto

Benny set his heavy backpack down on the ground in front of the signpost and looked at the direction indicators. Whatever words had been either carved into or painted onto the wood pointers had long since worn away. Benny scratched … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Guide to creating a FREE Email List For Authors

Originally posted on Author Steve Boseley – Half a Loaf of Fiction:
Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Free Email List For Authors What is an Email List for Authors? You know email, right? You know lists, yes? Well an email…

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The “I Need to Be Special” Syndrome Vs. Greta Thunberg’s “I Don’t Care About Being Popular” Approach to Life ~ Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: Photo Credit: Pixabay It’s likely most of us suffer from it, to lesser or greater degrees. Soon after birth, the ego discovers its individuality and realizes that separation can be a threat to its survival. If … Continue reading

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Another Chance at a Freebie.

Originally posted on Dragons Rule OK. V.M.Sang (author):
From tomorrow, April 15th, the second book in The Wolves of Vimar Series, The Never-Dying Man, is FREE for 5 days only. The offer ends on Friday 19th April. Hurry…

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Finding Her Own Way ~ Adele #writephoto

Ma was dead and gone. There was no reason for Louisa to stay now. She stooped down and laid the wildflowers she had picked at the foot of the cross which marked Ma’s grave. Tears ran down her cheeks. She … Continue reading

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Decisions ~ Deborah #writephoto

mind the way chosen the nettle’s consequence stings looking within first ~ * ~ Reblogged from  A Wise Woman’s Journey

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The mystery in ‘my back yard…’

Stuart Templeton at Ratmobile Adventures recently wrote about an impromptu stop and a battle by a bridge. It reminded me of a battle that took place locally… For some reason or another, I’ve been thinking about the church at Hardwick … Continue reading

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Quack-quack… Stuart France

* Could any creature more perfectly delineate the strange ludicrous joy of existence? * Reblogged from Stuart France

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Speechless #midnighthaiku

Communication Heart’s wordless communion Friends wear many forms

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