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Beyond ~ Neha #writephoto

* Beyond the distant rivers, lies a sacred forest where trees dance with the rhythm of sunshine. * Reblogged from  Forgotten Meadows

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Fond Recollections ~ Rebecca Cutler #writephoto

The scenery of a lush carpeted forest floors and flourishing tree limbs intertwining, makes me reminiscent of childhood days at play with my companion wagging his tail as we ventured into the make-believe. Continue reading at Beckie’s Mental Mess

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Vegetating?… ~ Tallis Steelyard (and a new book or two by Jim Webster)

The Arcade Market in the Commercial district is not the most prestigious of the markets in Port Naain. One will not find the truly exotic, but there again one will not find the grossly overpriced either. It provides decent quality … Continue reading

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Beyond ~ Paula Light #writephoto

After days of rain Morning sunshine glows again Noisy birds approve Grass soft as frosting Leaves drizzling sugar dew Restful world awaits Curious cat roams Beyond the manicured lawn Into shadowed woods Continue reading at Light Motifs II

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Field of Sheaves: Wood-Stone…

* …He leads her away almost carrying her. They disappear into the blackness beyond the ring of flames. They choke on the oily smoke, blind with tears. * Within the flames A voice sings, farewell, to the stars… * The … Continue reading

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Beyond ~ Ann Harrison-Barnes #writephoto

*** I stand in the shadow of the trees, As through a colorful rainbow The sunshine beckons to me. *** Continue reading at Ann Writes Inspiration

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An Alchemical Moment ~ Jordis Fasheh

Jordis Fasheh, a friend and Companion of the School, tells how she found the Silent Eye at a pivotal point in her personal journey. At the moment when the Silent Eye officially came into being, Jordis was the first to … Continue reading

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Dilemmas… Stuart France

* For over Two-Thousand years Fine minds have Pondered the problem Of philosophical dualism. * The living soul A quickening spirit. * This dilemma, perhaps, can Best be approached by Considering three questions. * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Drink #midnighthaiku

* Contained, unheeded The flow of life unbounded Slakes the city’s thirst *

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