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#FabulousFridayGuestBlogger, Hugh W. Roberts: Are You Sure Everything You See Exists?

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Decisions ~Alethea Kehas #writephoto

Four directions mark the way of the living feet Points on a compass as old as the cross that divides and joins them our marker of death Continue reading at Not Tomatoes

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Decisions ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

We are at the crossroad, there is no way back, we have to chose: darkness, or greed, or the Truth. If we chose the Truth we will have to fight. If we chose darkness we will be, finally, hunted down … Continue reading

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The Big Blog Question: Quantity vs. Quality ~ H.R.R. Gorman

Reblogged from Let Me Tell You the Story of…: Choose Two: Quantity of posts, Quality of posts, or Your Non-Blogging Life. Well, one of those is probably going to take priority (unless you’ve gotten past that ‘needing food’ conundrum), so … Continue reading

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Turn right from Unmarked Signpost ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

fears crucifixion by those who can’t read maps unaware of being a landmark itself Reblogged from Reena Saxena

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* …Kierkegaard knows only too well what is at stake here. How the mask can simultaneously both hide and reveal. Especially for those who know how to look… He chooses his psuedonyms very carefully, almost, too perfectly! Johannes-de-Silentio. ‘Silent John’. … Continue reading

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Decisions ~ Di #writephoto

We used to come here a lot, you and I. The fun we had in these fields when we were young, me chasing you and you enjoying the chase. I often wondered if you actually let me catch you. We’d … Continue reading

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Two Aprils Inside the Magic of the Silent Eye ~ Alethea Kehas

With less than two weeks to go before we journey to the ancient land of Sumer for Lord of the Deep, Alethea Kehas, a Companion of the Silent Eye, shares her experiences with the Silent Eye’s April workshops: I’m not … Continue reading

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Onwards #midnighthaiku

* Future unfolding Hope and trust draw me onwards Always walking blind *

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