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What they didn’t teach you in astronomy ~ Daisybala #writephoto

Dappled light interplay of light and tree’s shadow. It is that thing about the sun which they didn’t teach you in astronomy! Continue reading at freshdaisiesdotme

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Whatever Lies Beyond ~ Padre’s Ramblings #writephoto

The old sage had told them that their destiny lay to the north.  For the last three days they had followed this advise and Swelyn and Daid were now coming to the edge of a great wood. “Daid, the sun … Continue reading

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One Million Years B-Lulu ~ Rob Goldstein and Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene are my guests #shortstory

I asked Rob Goldstein to be my guest on the Daily Echo…  and got rather more than I expected! … A Short Story by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene Illustrated by Rob Goldstein Author’s Note Rob Goldstein asked that we work on … Continue reading

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Abecedarian Advise ~ Frank J. Tassone #writephoto

Autumnal clouds bare entertwining branches corral the sun distant Danann laughter echoing in the wind Continue reading at Frank J. Tassone

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Circuits ~ Kerfe Roig #writephoto

Begin with the labyrinth.  The center holds the light.  The center lies outside, beyond opening.  Beyond thought. Beyond the perimeter. It blends and compasses, hugging the coastline of sight. It is letting go, Continue reading at methodtwomadness

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Last chance to vote! Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2019

“Last chance,” she says, “to cast your vote! Support your favourite blogs!” Yeah, right, I note there is no place To vote for blogging dogs. It’s not just me, there’s lots of us, And blogging cats as well… And other … Continue reading

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Gate to the Land of Youth… Stuart France

* Fin and his Merry-Men were hunting atop a hill. All day they were there yet caught no glimpse of game. As evening drew in, Fin spoke, “let’s turn for home, boys, there is naught for us on this dismal … Continue reading

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Awakening #midnighthaiku

* Stones wake to moonlight Forgotten lives whispering Long silence broken *  

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