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More uncertainty? #cancer

“… you have an appointment at ten for chemo…” “Yeahs…” I view such calls with deep suspicion. “We’ve been checking you blood test results…”  Were they going to cancel my appointment? Reschedule? Bearing in mind I was already on the … Continue reading

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Guest author: Frank Prem ~ The New Asylum

Hello Sue and hello readers. Thank you for inviting me back. I thought I might tell a little of the back story to my new poetry collection – The New Asylum a memoir of psychiatry. The collection is about my … Continue reading

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Murmur ~ Roberta Eaton #writephoto

She sits on the hard wooden chair, murmuring softly to herself. She has been dried and dressed in warm clothes, but she hasn’t noticed. A bruise, shockingly dark against her alabaster skin, runs along her cheekbone where one of the … Continue reading

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Tranquil ~ YellowStylo #writephoto

The poison of tranquil is beckoning, As our world falls apart, The colourless violence screams, Tired and drooping, our eyes long to see the blues and the greens. Shouldn’t reality be real? Continue reading at Yellowstylo

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The morning is silent. Even the usual distant traffic noise of the rush-hour mayhem is hushed. The busy road that runs through the village no longer channels the speeding cars and lorries that habitually thunder through this small village. My … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Cracked #writephoto from Morpethroad

He was told often enough that you didn’t need to be cracked to live here but it sure did help. Around him was one disorder after another. People crying, screaming in the night, accusing him of things he could not … Continue reading

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Alone #writephoto Hayley R. Hardman

I knew I shouldn’t be alone but I was. Sitting on the edge of the cliff, I looked out. I could see an endless stretch of darkening blue sea, the waves bobbing gently and the sunset lit sky which tonight … Continue reading

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Peace – #Writephoto by D. Wallace Peach

In the end, I returned to the sanitarium. This time by choice and without the reams of commitment papers, the hustling of orderlies, and motherly coaxing of nurses. The baby-blue walls and polished linoleum shine with familiarity, and the bars … Continue reading

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Guest writer: Cat Davis – Against stigma

Hello to all of Sue’s fans! I’m thrilled to write for you. My name is Cat Davis, and I write a blog about my experiences with bipolar 1 disorder. Years before I was diagnosed with bipolar, I discovered my passion … Continue reading

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Views from an Injured Brain by Nick Verron

Holistic medicine is generally seen as ‘alternative’…. alternative to what? To the specialisms that treat individual aspects of any problem to the best of their ability, yet forget that a whole person is involved in any illness or injury. My … Continue reading

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