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Stillness ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

“… No, we can’t detect any sign of human or humanoid life anywhere… There is plenty of life in the water, on land too, mammals and birds… plenty of beautiful insects…” “What about buildings, traces of recent organised activities?” “There … Continue reading

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Journey ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

“Insane”, did you say? Yes, I agree, who wants to wander, alone, half naked, in this desolate landscape, other than a madman? But I am on a journey, probably a long journey. “Where are you going?” could you ask, but … Continue reading

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Flitation #midnighthaiku

Flirtatious summer Arrayed in living jewels Dancing with the sun  

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Through a child’s eyes…

I love Lady’s Mantle… Alchemilla mollis… the soft little alchemist. The shape and gentle shade of the downy leaves and the pale froth of yellow-green flowers. It is a lovely thing in my eyes. Yet it is not till the … Continue reading

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The Gloom ~ Fandango #writephoto

The year was NC221. Thick, dark clouds had enveloped the entire planet since shortly after the Nuclear Holocaust, or NC as it was commonly known. The descendants of the survivors called it “the Gloom.” No one alive had ever seen … Continue reading

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Unseen they gather Living jewels bearing flame Mirror summer’s fire Exasperating presence Beauty is invisible For Colleen’s tanka challenge

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Bad moon rising…

I wander round the house barefoot, And often, late at night, Because I see sufficiently I don’t put on the light. But as the darker nights draw in And summer turns to fall, I’m having to beware The lurking monsters … Continue reading

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Lace #midnighthaiku

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Harmony #midnighthaiku

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The lodger

I dragged the washing machine out of the hole where it has been hiding since it retired itself a little while ago, determined to de-cobweb behind it and scrub the floor before the replacement is installed. Ani wanted to help, … Continue reading

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