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Spectral ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

A house left alone A house torn apart A house with no people A house with no heart Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Spectral ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

There it stood, in the early morning mist. Nothing but a shell, no heart or soul left. The mist concealing the true horror of what was left. Even after all these years I could hear the crackle of fire and … Continue reading

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Shades of (Soylent) Green…

“I thought this was part of making you well,” said my son. “I’m not sure pumping you full of dye is healthy.” I’m none too sure either, but an ‘MRI scan with contrast’ was what the doc had ordered, so … Continue reading

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The Waning of the Days

Originally posted on Antony Fawcus – Poet:
I call upon the goddess, deathly pale, to guide me through the forests that I’ve dared, and give me strength to fight against the weird who draws me from myself, into the void.…

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The Stone and the Pilgrim (1) – Steve Tanham

Sun in Gemini Late Friday afternoon, 14th September. A group of travellers arrive in Bamburgh, Northumberland. Their intention is to invoke a landscape. The meeting place is one of the hotels in the village of Bamburgh, but the first destination … Continue reading

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The disregarded tragedy ~ stoneronarollercoaster #writephoto

Dare to put that haunting question “where did I go wrong?” through the prism of truth and it will spread its wings right before your eyes like it had been caged by your reluctance so far. Like it was dying … Continue reading

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Princess needed! ~ Barb Taub #Scotland

Reblogged from Barb Taub: We were supposed to be auditioning a piano in Crieff, but there was this charming high street… Full of beautiful shops (Gordon & Durward Confectionery Shop, Crieff) And stunning art (Strathearn Gallery, Crief) Of course, all … Continue reading

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Spectral ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

The old mill stands still, in the frozen landscape; there, they worked, had fun, sometime loved. Now, there is only emptiness, silent stones, pale ghosts recounting long forgotten stories. All round lived once a multitude, poor but hopeful. Children were … Continue reading

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Pieman… Stuart France

When Pieman was very young, and living at the beginnings of time, he often slept with the Cave Bear Clan during stormy weather. * Over the course of many such nights, Big Brown Bear who was also very old, taught … Continue reading

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Colours #midnighthaiku

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