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Lion Meat ~ Anthony Clinkscale #writephoto

The first thing that I thought of when I woke up was Sam. I look over to Josh and he’s still sleeping like a baby. I have the slightest clue on how he even slept throughout the night because I … Continue reading

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In My Hand

Originally posted on A Thousand Finds:
Yesterday a small package arrived with two author copies of Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes. I’d sort of been expecting it; when I saw the pink umbrella on the envelope I knew what it was. (And…

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Parting Lovers ~ James Pyles #writephoto

“We’re almost at the snowline, Diann. We made it.” Randolph Withers adjusted his backpack and his rifle’s sling, took his young companion by the hand, and then they both strode toward their goal with renewed hope. “Do you think the … Continue reading

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Frank Parker ~ A Date with Max Power

Reblogged from Frank Parker’s Author Site: My ‘date’ this time is Dublin born author Max Power. In his response to my first question he agrees that his Dublin childhood is an important influence, but goes on to say that it … Continue reading

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Artie, The Time Traveling Chimp – Poem by Chris Graham…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
Artie, the Time Traveling Chimp, was walking with an obvious limp. I asked, “What’s the matter?”, as he collapsed on a chair, with a clatter. “I crashed my machine. You…

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Turning ~ Dana F. #writephoto

I have been following Sue Vincent for a time, but have yet to participate in her daily #writephoto challenge. The picture she posted this week brought my dear vampire, Elisabeth (or Elizabeth, depending on the context) to mind. All credit for … Continue reading

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Colleen Chesebro interviews Janice Spina

Reblogged from Colleen Chesebro: I’ve started a new feature on my blog as another way to support my fellow authors. Colleen’s Author Interviews will introduce you to authors from around the world. You can check out their books and visit … Continue reading

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Turning ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Paul stopped at the turn in the road, he dismounted his bike. He shielded his eyes as he looked across the valley, the sun low in the sky almost blinding. Things are turning he thought to himself. Not only weather … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXVII: House of the ancestors

Our next stop was only about half an hour’s drive from the Templar Church, and the road took us through the silent green of Bodmin Moor. With a long drive still ahead, I restrained myself, albeit barely, from turning aside … Continue reading

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Mantle of Time… Stuart France

* …”All those keepsakes: photographs, trinkets, letters, cards, little knick-knacks which tug at the heart-strings in quiet moments,” said Bill as he paced my room with his meticulously measured tread. “When girls die they get to take these things with … Continue reading

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