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Turning ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

I can still hear my mother’s voice. “Stop turning around, why must you walk backwards?” It was fun. I liked to see what I was leaving behind. I liked to see the smiles on people’s faces as they walked towards … Continue reading

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First Day at Work ~ Anurag Bhahkshi #writephoto

Maria could feel the hills come alive with music as the magnificent scenery unfolded before her. Mother Superior had been right, this WAS an epic workplace. With renewed confidence, she gazed into the eyes of the handsome but stern-looking man … Continue reading

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Guest poet: Tempest ~ Two poems

Ful – Less Today it matters. Tomorrow it doesn`t. Does it matter? Do I matter? Did it ever matter? Does it still matter anyway? Matters.? Meaning.? Sense.? Relevance.? Love. One day you love. Next day you forget. You deny it. … Continue reading

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An Orcadian Diary (5): The Broch of Gurness

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
I was struggling with the height of the walls – 10 metres. I am distinctly medium in height; my two sons tower over me, at six foot, three inches each. But ten metres is…

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Aether ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from strangegoingsonintheshed: See the Sylphs twist and flow, Pour out breath and charge across sky, Hark! The storm clouds approach, Hear the Thunder exclaim, “Feel me ebb and flow, tear apart your peace and  calm” See the skies draped … Continue reading

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Turning + Sisyphus #writephoto

Yesterday… We walked in this valley, under the burning sun, hand in hand, believing in the eternal summer. Yesterday, perhaps, more than you, my love, I longed for Autumn, and the fall of leaves. Did I believe Time had stopped? … Continue reading

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Contagious thought…

My son is suffering from earworms. Not that I mean to imply that he is the victim of some aural parasite, simply that the most bizarre and unlikely of songs have been taking up residence in his consciousness this week … Continue reading

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Guardian #midnighthaiku

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