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Pyroplastic surge ~ Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

It was frustrating. For two days we had been sitting down in the hot, humid cellar. Our wine was warm, our food was cold. At least we could breathe down here, unlike in the street above. The choking fumes clogged … Continue reading

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Pillars ~ Di at pensitivity #writephoto

“I’m sorry, but we can’t do that”. ‘But they’re in the way!’ “I’m sorry” he repeated “but they can’t be removed. The building is almost two hundred years old and it would be a travesty to the architectural design.” She … Continue reading

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Janice Spina interviews Annette Rochelle Aben!

Reblogged from jemsbooks: Annette Rochelle Aben Please help me welcome author Annette Rochelle Aben to Jemsbooks.blog Segment, Interview an Author! Hi Annette, it’s lovely to see you. Thank you for coming. Please step up  on the stage. The lights are … Continue reading

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Pillars of sacrifice ~ Ramya Tantry #writephoto

Emotion overwhelmed me and I felt humble to be standing in the same place which had witnessed such brutality and had played a pivotal role in our independence. This place was a witness to a massacre that shook the whole … Continue reading

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In the Similitude of a Dream II…

* …In this plight, therefore, he went home and refrained himself as long as he could, that his wife and children should not perceive his distress; but he could not be silent long, because that his trouble increased. * Continue … Continue reading

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Pillars ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

The light was fading fast and the temperature was dropping, soon there would be no sunlight left to protect them. She watched her babies sleeping, innocent and unspoilt. Just as the last rays of the sun streamed in the void … Continue reading

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Now thyself… Stuart France

* “The Goetic has ego in it, Gnosis does not…” Count Jack Black Reblogged from Stuart France

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Borderline #midnighthaiku

I should have done this earlier… I am blaming the technical problems caused by ‘there will be no interruption to your service‘ being wholly inaccurate. I would just like to thank everyone who sent good wishes for my sixtieth birthday … Continue reading

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