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In ancient times ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

I haven’t even looked at Sue’s photo prompt for ages because I’ve been very strict with myself about keeping my head down and meeting word counts. Although I’ve started a new story, I’m not pushing myself so hard. I’m still … Continue reading

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Summer ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

I love summer No really, I do Even though pollen Makes me achoo! The gardens look green The flowers bloom It’s time for shorts! (I need to groom) Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Guest author: Tim Clarkson ~ Æthelflæd: the Lady of the Mercians

This year marks the 1100th anniversary of the death of one of the most remarkable women in English history. Her name was Æthelflæd and she died at Tamworth in Staffordshire on 12th June 918. She was the eldest daughter of … Continue reading

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It’s Summertime! ~ Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

There’s a long, interesting history of “Summertime” and its historic relationship to Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox. It is possibly the oldest tradition in American baseball! I remember when the song was popular on the radio and singing … Continue reading

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We receive the gift of a bat while watching Victoria & Abdul ~ Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: Night visitor. Photo Credit Pixabay It was approximately 9:30pm, my husband and I seated on the sofa downstairs watching Victoria and Abdul, a bowl of popped buttered corn between us. Our son upstairs behind shut doors, … Continue reading

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Nature’s Nature ~Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

Nelson stood in the foreground, his sweaty farmer’s face all lathered in soot, his bare torsoed still virile frame covered with the grime and toil of the day’s labour. Watching the sea of ripened corn, its stalks standing so erect … Continue reading

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The Elusive Shrimp

“They seek him here, they seek him there…” I couldn’t help thinking about Baroness Orczy’s Elusive Pimpernel as I watched the translucent creature foraging in the corner of the aquarium. He’s not exactly scarlet, being more of a watery pink, … Continue reading

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Avenues… Stuart France

* And from Needles of Stone, to Avenues, or at least, what remains of one… The ‘Mary Line’ runs right through the two stones… Continue reading at Stuart France

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Overkill #midnighthaiku

  One little complaint A deluge drowns the morning Clouds swallow the sun Be careful what you ask for Sometimes wishes do come true

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