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The beginning of a revolution ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

Mist rolled down the hillside into the base of the valley where the small hamlet lay. Silence ruled as the hanging shroud dampened any sound. Then, cutting through the atmosphere, a clear, sharp repeated noise emerged. ‘Slap, slap, slap’ footsteps … Continue reading

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Watcher ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

The Angel surveyed the moors. He could see for miles infact he could see forever. The future the past and the present, all at once. Gabriel had often confided to his fellow angels that he found this all seeing ability … Continue reading

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Merlin ~ Anita Dawes

Reblogged from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie: A young boy was found by the old hermit, wandering in the woods, naked, as thin as a reed. The hermit took him further into the woods to his cave, hidden from sight, … Continue reading

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Watcher ~ Alethea Kehas #writephoto

I have been thinking about your presence held fast to the land. Your spirit woven into time, pressing against mine in a longing to be remembered, not for yourself, but for the body you cannot leave behind. In the moors, … Continue reading

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Miss Cranston’s Tea Room ~ Steve Tanham

Glasgow is a wonderful city. I’m biased, as my seven Scottish cousins were born there. I love Scotland. Edinburgh is beautiful, and we visit it often; but Glasgow has that combination of grit and grace that speaks of its historic … Continue reading

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Waiting ~ Deepa #writephoto

Humpty Dumpty stood on the hill up above the world so high rising his neck above to reach the sky he sees twinkle twinkle little stars Continue reading at Sync with Deep

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Petals #midnighthaiku

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