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Caught ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

“Oh!” Cried the Sun, “you must let me go” The glorious Ent shook his head and said “No.” “Please” cried the Sun her worse fears alerted “No” cooed the Ent “your escape must be averted.” Weeping the Sun bowed her … Continue reading

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Stumble Upon Replaced By Mix.com. Time To Add The New Share Button To Your WordPress Blog

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A step by step guide to ading a new sharing button to your blog… Fiction is Food Stumble Upon has now closed and the developers have now developed Mix.com to replace it. Here’s how to add a Mix Share Button … Continue reading

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Caught ~ pensitivity #writephoto

She was tall and willowy, her slender figure standing well above her minions. The way she walked suggested arrogance and conceited poise, the sweep of her long limbs made each and all sit up to take notice when she passed. … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Holocaust heroine ~ David Lawlor

Reblogged from historywithatwist: The great events of our past – the wars and the genocides – are just a series of small steps strung together… steps that when looked back upon appear to be a seamless, momentous journey. And because … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunt ~ Fandango #writephoto

Todd unfolded the old map he’d found buried beneath a log down by the creek, being careful not to tear the fading, yellowing parchment on which the map was drawn. He showed it to his brother, Tim, and looked around … Continue reading

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Pictish symbol stone discovered at Dyce ~ Tim Clarkson

Tim Clarkson, who writes at Senchus,  tells of the discovery of a ‘new’ Pictish stone at Dyce, one of the sites we visited during Solstice of the Moon, last year’s workshop in Scotland: Pictish symbols: mirror (top), triple disc and … Continue reading

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The Trees ~ Notes to Women #writephoto

I stood gazing up at the tree.  It was unlike anything I had ever seen.  It was twisted with a gaping hole through which the sun streamed through and its limbs looked like tentacles.  Of course, it got my imagination … Continue reading

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Archaeology, migraine and the barometric fish…

After celebrating the recovery of Super Trooper, the little fish who swam, it was with a heavy heart that I saw him once again floating upside down in the pond and looking decidedly dead. The pale belly finally showed no … Continue reading

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Ego and Essence… Stuart France

* “Individuality, however we may hug its chains, is a partial and definite modality of being: ‘I’ is defined by what is ‘not-I’, and thus imprisoned.” – A.K. Coomaraswamy. * In philosophy there is a famous dictum relating to thesis, … Continue reading

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Guided #midnighthaiku

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