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Living Lore: Bobby Fairfield ~ A very brief history of an infamous Exmoor family.

Everyone was aware of the reputation accorded the family known as the Doones, who in the mid seventeenth century lived somewhere on the moors. Most could or would not say exactly where. They were reputed to be a family of … Continue reading

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Gremlins in the works again…

So, there I am, busily typing away, scheduling posts for the few days I won’t be at the computer much, and WordPress decides to play games. It isn’t enough that I’m still getting to grips with the figures since Facebook … Continue reading

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Accident Prone II

I have mentioned that I may be accident prone And that honest, when all’s said and done, To be constantly damaging extremities On the whole, is not really much fun. Last weekend was the toe, though it’s healed rather well … Continue reading

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Stormclouds #midnighthaiku

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