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Field ~ The Dark Netizen #writephoto

It looked so pretty – the field. White flowers adorned the lush green land. A soft breeze always blew in the field. The breeze carried the mellow and sweet scent of the flowers to surrounding areas. It had always been … Continue reading

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Fields of Gold ~ Jordan #writephoto

I spoke a call to Easter rather shouted a prayer felt caught in a Lion’s den death near my door, scythe in hand of all things alone in despair robbed of all equity and care my voice travelled beyond the … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Lyn Horner ~ Coyote Tales

Lyn Horner is back with more Navajo teaching tales… this time she writes of Coyote, a creature dear to Stuart and I as we worked with Coyote on the first book in our Lore Weavers series,  An Imperious Impulse: Coyote … Continue reading

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Summer ~ Lauren #writephoto

dawn in the meadow running my fingers through a plethora of white Continue reading at Hello Lauren

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Synopsis: A Different Kind of Angel

Originally posted on The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap:
My next book, A Different Kind of Angel, is due to be released around the end of August. As with many of my other books, I was drawn to a very difficult…

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The Landscape of Life

Originally posted on All in a Day's Breath:
My Garden of Earthly Delights by Anne Copeland Life is like a landscape, and it would be a boring life if it were all flat.  We can appreciate the flat because…

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A Lifelong Dedication to One Thing ~ Nicki Chen

Reblogged from Behind the Story: Autumn Trees – The Maple 1924 I run into people at writers’ conferences all the time who say they’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as they can remember. And I think that … Continue reading

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A Rose By Any Other Name ~ Geoff Le Pard #writephoto #flashfiction

‘It is you, Daisy. I thought it was when you ducked down.’ ‘Is that you, Daisy?’ ‘Yes, I’m over by Daisy. Can you see me waving?’ ‘Got you. Coming over. My pot’s a bit of a drag.’ ‘You’re in a … Continue reading

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“You’d make a lousy feminist!” My son’s words followed me down the garden path as I left. As a child of my generation, I am used to the changing face of the familiar, but his throwaway comment of, ‘It’s a … Continue reading

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Oz #midnighthaiku

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