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Guest author: Tim Clarkson ~ Æthelflæd: the Lady of the Mercians

This year marks the 1100th anniversary of the death of one of the most remarkable women in English history. Her name was Æthelflæd and she died at Tamworth in Staffordshire on 12th June 918. She was the eldest daughter of … Continue reading

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A surfeit of sanctity

I’m sick of saints. No disrespect is intended here… none at all… but there are only so many you can read about at one go… and for the past couple of days my browser has had every available tab filled … Continue reading

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Dark Sage – extract

“Don’t you think it’s odd,” says Wen, “Osiris ends up in a pillar hewn from a tree, Odin hangs from a tree to gain sacred knowledge and Christ dies on a cross cut from a tree?” “Well it’s quite clearly … Continue reading

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New Release….

Doomsday: Dark Sage Now available on Amazon The piper of Shacklow The fiddler of Fin The old woman of Demon’s Dale Calls them all in. They said I was born of the Balefire, when the priestesses left the enclosure to … Continue reading

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Time travel

I’ve spent the day time travelling across several millennia. One in the morning saw me somewhere editing the far distant future of space colonisation while most of the day I have spent in the 7th century. No, I haven’t completely … Continue reading

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