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Yearning ~Leanne Lieu #writephoto

I don’t remember how my sister and I got into a conversation about taking a helicopter ride. I didn’t think we would go through with it I’m afraid of heights Continue reading at Read and Write Here

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The Sisters ~ Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

They danced, among the shadows of the grass, as one with the earth they stood upon. Arms stretched out, hands clasped, one to the other, not wanting to break the chain. But something was missing. The circle was not complete. … Continue reading

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The garden ~ Jordis #writephoto

Please welcome a new blogger to the blogosphere. Jordis is a dear friend and a Companion of the Silent Eye, where we recently published her poem, The Dancer. I am touched that Jordis took her inspiration from this week’s writephoto … Continue reading

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Hokora – Hayley R. Hardman #Writephoto

I stopped before the shrine, my younger sister’s hand tightening in my own. I glanced down at her. Miki’s school uniform almost matched mine and her long black hair was tied back like my own. She had a bright pink backpack … Continue reading

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Blog sitters required at Smorgasbord

This is the photograph taken at my christening in April of 1953 along with my mother Mollie and my two sisters Sonia and Diana. Apart from being sisters we also share another thing in common. We were all born in … Continue reading

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First past the post

Geoff Le Pard kindly (and I use that term loosely…) named me as one of his victims in Sarah Brentyn’s ‘first post revisited’. While it can sometimes be pleasant to revisit old work, at other times it can make you … Continue reading

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