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The Real Archery ~ Nicholas C. Rossis

Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis: I was reading an interesting answer on Quora about Mongol strategy when a battle description caught my eye: Seeing this, the archbishop spurred his on his horse and gave them chase. Eventually, they reached a … Continue reading

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The Bow of Destiny, on Lisa Burton Radio

Reblogged from Entertaining Stories, where P.H. Solomon is Craig Boyack’s guest: Welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. Now broadcasting at one point twenty-one jigawatts across all the known galaxy, alternate realms, and into the future and past. I’m … Continue reading

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Opening Scene: Ichabod Brooks & the Starwind Egg by Charles E. Yallowitz

Ichabod Brooks Reblogged from Legends of Windemere: (As stated, I’m going to publish the first part of each of the new Ichabod stories.  Hope everyone enjoys the teasers.  I only have the one Ichabod picture to work with too until … Continue reading

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