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Before any time away from work, there are preparations to be made so that my son, his home and his fish can manage during my absence. Amongst other jobs, the fridge and freezer must be filled with home-cooked meals and … Continue reading

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In cold blood…

I knew what my son was going to say, as he eyed up the weather and the new hosepipe. The one that reaches the huge pond filter at the bottom of his garden… “It’s a nice day…” Yeah, right. It … Continue reading

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The pearl lace gouramis seem to think spring is in the air. While the female is looking fatter than usual, the male’s chest is brilliant orange and he keeps blowing bubbles. Gouramis build bubble nests on the surface of the … Continue reading

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Horror in the sun…

It could have been worse, it could have been raining, but it was a springlike day of clear sunshine. Unseasonably mild, it was just the type of day for pottering in the garden. So I didn’t mind too much when … Continue reading

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Remains of the day…

Let’s get this straight, they are to blame, Those men and women, name and shame The torturers who terrorised A generation. We had no choice, and no consent Compassionless, we children sent As victims to, despite our cries, Their ministrations. … Continue reading

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Fly on the wall

“Leave it where I can find it easily.” This was said with a grin of pure, unholy glee. I duly placed the small, plastic object in a convenient location, knowing full well what he was going to do with it. … Continue reading

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Going down…

I’m watching the weather rather closely today. There are blue skies, a few big, fat clouds and a gentle breeze but it looks like it could rain again at any time. The forecast is not cut and dried and yesterday … Continue reading

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