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Close to home

I had occasion recently to talk with someone whose actions had once caused me a good deal of pain. I was asked, in the light of later maturity, if I could ever forgive them. I found that I could not. … Continue reading

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Endless Gift of Self-Forgiveness ~ Debbie Roth #writephoto

A client of mine asked how she could let go of right and wrong. She brought up examples of situations that to her seemed unforgivable, such as abuse or murder. I suggested that she focus on a situation personal to … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Choosing Peace ~ Debbie Roth #writephoto

On voting day, I went to the county seat in Los Angeles to cast my vote.  The line was wrapped around the building!  And wherever I turned, it seemed that people were uncomfortable, and it was the same with people … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Quote ~ Debbie Roth #writephoto

When I was in Italy, I saw so much of Michelangelo’s work. Each time, I looked at what he did and experienced the power of his presence. It was like he was there in the room, touching me with his … Continue reading

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Peace Listening and a Mini Break ~ Debbie Roth #writephoto

First, I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support for my move.  I’m in my new home, and it’s beautiful!  I moved on Tuesday.  Here’s a photo of me in my new place – I plan … Continue reading

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Trusting in My Inner Guidance – One Week Before I Move! ~ Debbie Roth #writephoto

I got into an argument with David the other night, right before he left for the Swiss Alps. It was over something “small” yet it felt big. And when I woke up in the morning, I got clearly inside that … Continue reading

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Guest author: Karen Ingalls – Reverence, Forgiveness, and Butterflies

Albert Schweitzer had a profound influence on me after I read about him and his remarkable work. His philosophy of Reverence for Life filled me as a teenager with fervor to also have great respect, love, and kindness to all … Continue reading

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A laughing heart

Sent to me by Obi, a friend and Companion of the Silent Eye: “Let me Sue, tell you a traditional story on happiness from my people the Igbo of South east Nigeria as an example of how happiness can make … Continue reading

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#writephoto The Power Of Invitation by Balroop Singh

Each step evoked emphatic emotion Indecisiveness stopped me as I wavered Love impelled me towards the door Gleaming glow attracted as hope soared Memories came gliding down the railing One after the other like siblings smiling Laughter reverberated around me … Continue reading

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Blue Jays and Mockingbirds

From the archives 2014: I had first read the book years ago; it was one of those we were obliged to study in school for English Literature and our teacher at the time appeared to like neither books nor children. … Continue reading

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