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Flow #writephoto – Ritu Bhathal

Sue’s prompt for #WritePhoto this week: Gushing waterfall Flowing waters rushing by Giving life to all Ritu 2017 Source: Flow #writephoto | But I Smile Anyway…

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* ‘Sun-Stone’ * * ‘Moon-Stone’ * * ‘Earth-Stone’ Source: The Silent Eye  

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The Flames of Autumn… from The Reluctant Poet

Reblogged from Charles Robert Lindholm, who found inspiration in my post, Crossing the Stillness: Can you see the first golden flames of autumn start to show as the leaves burn and turn into glorious colors as summer drifts away on … Continue reading

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Guest author: Lucinda E. Clarke – I’ve been such a coward

Writing the blurb for your book is always a nightmare. Frankly it’s easier to write the whole book than that short piece you hope will entice readers to at least click on the ‘Look Inside’ button. Whenever I’m writing a … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Sunday Interview – The Ultimate Bucket List – Living the Dream

Yesterday, I was a guest over at Sally’s for her new series… thank you Sally for allowing me to dream 🙂 Welcome to the Sunday Interview and the theme is The Ultimate Bucket List. In this interview series I would … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon – Maiden, Mother, Crone by Helen Jones

Helen Jones shares the first part of her experience at the Silent Eye’s Solstice of the Moon weekend: When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.’ I should have expected it, really. It was, after all, a Silent Eye … Continue reading

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#NewRelease from Mary Smith at The Write Stuff

Reblogged from Mary Smith at The Write Stuff: Many thanks to Marcia for letting me take over her blog to tell her 3,600 dear friends about the release of my short story collection, Donkey Boy and Other Stories. The ebook … Continue reading

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Flow #writephoto – Joelle LeGendre

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt can be found at:  https://scvincent.com/2017/09/21/thursday-photo-prompt-flow-writephoto/ Life trickles away. Time erodes our memories, reshaping our lives. My loveliness was a shell. Now, beauty flows from inside. © Joelle LeGendre Source: Thursday photo prompt – Flow #writephoto | … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: A flying visit…

There was absolutely no way we were going to drive to our destination without getting sidetracked. Where would be the fun in that? So we decided that the first place that would take us from the main road north would … Continue reading

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Aurally Man… Stuart France

* “Aurally Man…” “Aurally Man…” “Why is the sky so huge?” “Why, so that the rain falls in drops.” * Source: Aurally Man… | Stuart France

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