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#WritePhoto Light by Pamela Morse

light Storms blew around the island all summer long, keeping the family inside the cottage much of the time.  The tedium and tension of being cooped up with members of the family we rarely saw was grating on everyone’s nerves. … Continue reading

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How To Use ‘Press This’ On WordPress #bloggingtips – Hugh’s Views and News

A detailed and exceedingly useful post from Hugh on the aternative to the ‘reblog’ button which, although common to most wordpress.com sites, does not appear on self hosted sites or general articles across the web. I first came across the … Continue reading

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Fading – #writephoto by Trent P. McDonald

Photo by Sue Vincent Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel) — — … Continue reading

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Long leisurely literary afternoons – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: Between ourselves the life of the jobbing poet can be hectic. People ask how I retain my trim figure given they see me living a life of hedonistic excess, dining from the buffet tables of the … Continue reading

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Cloud Horse

Originally posted on writing in north norfolk:
break in cumulus cloud-horse whinnies silver light reining the weather Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt – Fading #writephoto

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Fading #writephoto from pensitivity

‘Look Mummy! A horse in the sky!’ ‘Don’t be ridiculous Ellie. You mean in the field.’ ‘No Mummy! It’s a merry-go-round horse hanging in the sky all by itself. It’s beautiful. Do you think I could ride it?’ ‘Ellie. Darling. … Continue reading

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Crossing the stillness

It is dark as we walk down the lane, the small dog and I, yet a bird is singing, opening the gates of dawn with a joyful song, heralding the day without yet knowing what it will bring. For now … Continue reading

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Triads II… Stuart France

* … Theosophic Reduction consists in reducing all the numbers formed of two or more figures down to a single figure. This is accomplished by adding the component parts of numbers until only one remains. For example, the number, Four-Hundred-and-Sixty-Four … Continue reading

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Masquerade #midnighthaiku

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