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The Dragon #writephoto from Noah Weiss at Never A Worry

Below, I have a borrowed picture from Sue Vincent for her weekly writing challenge. Interestingly, I think the picture explains my week so far. And it goes through the Dragon Cloud… starting from the left part of the picture… within … Continue reading

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Guest author: D. G. Kaye – A visit to Heaven

I am doubly grateful to Debby for sharing this story, as I know that many people will relate to what she recounts. I met my great-grandfather in very similar circumstances, a number of times…though it was always in a wood … Continue reading

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Gemini in the sky: constant change #writephoto

Calm waters of azure ocean tsunami with violent emotion. every lash of the salty water hard rocks erode with every lather. Dawn slowly embraces the gloaming migrant wings return to nest, roaming. branches shed green coat, hook to don a … Continue reading

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Bad moon rising…

I wander round the house barefoot, And often, late at night, Because I see sufficiently I don’t put on the light. But as the darker nights draw in And summer turns to fall, I’m having to beware The lurking monsters … Continue reading

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Fading #writephoto Joelle LeGendre

“Mama, it looks like a horse on fire,” little Jeffrey said, pulling at his mother’s shirt.  “Can’t we help him?  Please?” “It’s only a cloud, sweetie pie,” she said.  His little arms wrapped around her as far as they would … Continue reading

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Generational time machine…

Mrs Howe. How on earth I remember that after so many decades, I do not know… but that was the name of my headmistress on my very first day at school. I can still ‘see’ her in memory… can see … Continue reading

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Triads III… Stuart France

* … The One is All, yet the One is ‘three’? The trinity is actually, a unity? Three ‘persons’ in one? The paradoxes and enigmas are wont to pile up when considering this seemingly curious, or counter intuitive, notion. Continue … Continue reading

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Open #midnighthaiku

Curiosity The day could bring anything Possibilities

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