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The Tunnel: #writephoto by Maniparna

  It’s the light that often blinds us I prefer the apparition Of darkness. For darkness motivates you To find the path on your own To make moves To create the light That’ll end the tunnel Making your existence meaningful. … Continue reading

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The mirror speaks truth Harbouring no illusions Perception tells lies I am not what I appear I am more and less than I “The eyes of love see only beauty.” The idea became a portal to a new understanding. A … Continue reading

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Tunnel by D. Wallace Peach #Writephoto

Azalus teetered on the bluff’s edge, warded sword wheeling for balance against the brilliant sky. The mountain beneath his feet offered no reprieve, a sheet of obsidian sleek as spilled oil. Below him, the massive dragon shot up along the … Continue reading

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A Bibliomantic Tale VI… Stuart France

* A Prisoner of Portmeirion? * Resistance “Pages Two-Five-One and Two-Five-Two” * No 8 (Light) ‘The sexual origin of the lingam is, of course, obvious, but this only brings out the extraordinary depth of understanding in ancient India. Sex was … Continue reading

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The Tunnel #flashfiction #writephoto

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Shadows #5 and #22 by Kerfe #writephoto

5 Angels are not shadows.  Angels are vessels, complex fire of holy return–lucent keepers of to be. by Kerfe #writephoto 22 Dream shadows into matter.  Breathe awe into emptiness, growing large.  Embrace each cell, illuminated. Continue reading: Shadows #5 and … Continue reading

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The tunnel – A poem by Robbie Cheadle #writephoto

The tunnel stretches ahead, Dark, dreary and damp, It follows an upward curve, Just like a stone ramp. The floor is slimy and slick, Water drips from the roof, I try to stay controlled and calm, To appear cool and … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Greeting the Druid…

You could not wish for a more spectacular setting for a stone circle. Perched high above the sea, with views to distant mountains in every other direction, it is  a magnificent site. A slight rise to the seaward side blocks … Continue reading

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Damsel #midnighthaiku

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