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Gargoyle #writephoto by Isabel Caves

The human children kept knocking on his door. Some knocked and ran away, others waited to ask about his horns, pull on his tail, or even invite themselves inside for a chat and some biscuits. None of this was acceptable. … Continue reading

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The Door is Always Open

Originally posted on method two madness:
“…that what you fear the most/could meet you halfway…” –Victoria Williams, “Crazy Mary” The horns that make you.  Tell me what endures:  you, masked with fear, burning life to ashes, the ender?  Or the…

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Guest author: Wendy Janes – Turning negatives into positives

Thank you to Sue for inviting me to write a post for her lovely blog. There are occasions when we feel we’re not getting anywhere or we’ve taken a wrong turn. Such negative situations can be really demoralising, but they … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Jessica Bakkers:
Lightning flashed through the dark night and illuminated the decrepit old mansion and the single soul who resided there. As homes went, it needed work. A lot of work. The roof was crumbling in places,…

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#writephoto – knock  by The Bag Lady

He hesitated for only a second and then gave the secret knock.  His friend Joe told him about this place, but you had to be a member or know the secret knock to enter. Knock, knock, knknock, knock, knock knock! … Continue reading

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Knock #writephoto – Dinner at the Dumps by Michael

From the moment, we arrived at the Dump house we knew we were not in for a pleasant evening. The door knocker said it all. Aggression, intolerance, arrogance and a pretty good smattering of ‘eat shit and die’. Door knockers … Continue reading

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The Pact By Raymond Roy #writephoto

The Pact Just as he reached up for the knocker, the door eerily swing open. Deep into the remote cottage yellow sunshine cut into the pitch black recesses. True divided lites in the aged handcrafted wood windows created a checkerboard … Continue reading

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The church with the feet

I was running out of time, but it was only a small church and it did not look overly promising. The stonework looked too regular…modern… except for the tower which looked as if it didn’t quite match, and the enclosure … Continue reading

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