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Knock by Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

  My great-grandfather, Bill, told me this story and tonight I want to tell you it. In his time, the mines were all over Cornwall and almost all the men worked in one. They did long hard shifts, digging underground … Continue reading

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Picking up the breadcrumb trail…

Wandering the backroads that meander through the hills between Staffordshire and Derbyshire was something I had been promising myself for a while. The map is the last thing on my mind… I just point the car in a generally northerly … Continue reading

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#writephoto. Knock… by Willow

This is my entry to Sue Vincent’s of Daily Echo #writephoto Knock. Rules and Pingback here During the night Rachel felt so near to Mathew she thought she could reach out and touch him. Through her broken and intermittent sleep she also … Continue reading

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Medication frustration

My eyes no longer work too well… I cannot read small print; I don’t know where my glasses are And always have to squint. My hands, of course, are even worse, My fingers ache and swell, Arthritis, past its sell-by … Continue reading

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Knock by Joelle Le Gendre #writephoto

“You have quite a pair of knockers,” he said, eyeing my chest. It was early October and this guy’s superstore t-shirt, low-end jeans, and franchise salon haircut screamed, “poor college student from up north.” I held the slender stem of … Continue reading

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Divination by the book

There is an ancient art of divination knows as bibliomancy…divination by books. It has been around a long time…the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, has been in use for at least three thousand years, and who knows how … Continue reading

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Tell-Tale Signs III… Stuart France

* ‘Brown, Black, Grey and Red, All men and women end up dead.’ It seems to me that this rather macabre Fionn tale, adapted from a collection made by Jeremiah Curtin and first published under the title, ‘Myths and Folk-Lore … Continue reading

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