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The Tunnel by Neel Anil Panicker#writephoto

Nature’s elements hold sway here, man a mere slave to them, his senses long gone senseless. Raghav cocks his ears against the dank walls but hears nothing. He extricates his hands from the folds of his back, towards what he … Continue reading

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Guest author: Sarah Zama – Femme Fatale

The object of desire: the voiceless power of the noir femme fatale America in the 1940s was a time of huge social change. WWII transformed the dynamics of American society in many ways – not least, gender roles and the … Continue reading

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The tunnel – by pensitivity #writephoto

What started out as a childish prank had escalated out of control and terror had encased her in the darkness. Charlotte had no idea of the true fear Alice had of the dark, thinking it was a phase and this … Continue reading

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An Eye full of Reflections (2) – Steve Tanham

There is so much going on that you can miss him on the downward leg of the guided introduction to Portmeirion. In a world of the strangely beautiful, one in which the normal laws of constructing a ‘village’ have been … Continue reading

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A Bibliomantic Tale… Stuart France

** “Curses,” said Butch, tugging at his collar in the sticky heat. “Now, what?” sighed Serafina. “It’s another of those Silent Eye thing-a-me-jigs.” “A Walk and Talk Weekend?” “That’s the one.” “And what’s so bad about that?” “Well, nothing, ‘cept … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto Tunnel Vision by Pamela Morse

Crawling on our bellies through the mud, James Bond style, we quietly exited the castle. Our scuba gear was hidden in the brush at the end of the tunnel. We had the documents we needed to prove the identity of … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Getting there…

We took our time getting organised, intending to take a leisurely drive cross-country… perhaps stopping along the way, wherever the spirit moved us. In the spirit of the planned walk-and-talk weekend, the prisoners had escaped and were heading for the … Continue reading

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Promenade #midnighthaiku

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