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The Tunnel #writephoto #Haiku – Balroop Singh

Source: The Tunnel #writephoto #Haiku – Emotional Shadows

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Originally posted on Paul Scribbles:
There is a flow ? a kind of unfolding a wave like thing ? that will if you step aside from it ? and from yourself ? proceed outwardly and inwardly at once ? it…

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Bouquets for June brides Captured passion of summer Mirroring blushes Mother Nature’s daughters bloom In the embrace of the sun

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The Big Cover Reveal

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The Tunnel  – Jessica Bakkers #writephoto

 I was wandering through the forest looking for mushrooms when I heard the sound. It was a weird high-pitched whine, followed by a rumbling thump that made the trees overhead jostle and spill their leaves. I crept through the forest, … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Helen Jones, Janice Spina and Judith Barrow

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A Bibliomantic Tale V… Stuart France

* Borth-y-Gest from Portmeirion Beach *  “We have Take-Off!” Resignation “One-Nine-One, or One-Nine-Two?” * No 3 (Light) ‘Suddenly the world Cracks, the phallos Slams home, slams the ineluctable stroke. And the universe splits, the touched-off tinder, Fired by that blazing … Continue reading

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 #writephoto  ” Illusion” by Vehement Elora

Here’s my contribution to this week’s #writephoto challenge.Hoping to touch souls.Thank you Sue for the challenge and to the photo prompt contributor as well.Click here to read other contributions. Enjoy! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel There’s a light … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Ascent

‘The prophet takes over where the mystic stops. The mystic is ascent; the prophet descent.’ – William Everson The bibliomantic reading could not have been more appropriate. From the mines, we were heading for the heights to meet a Druid … Continue reading

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Clouds #midnighthaiku

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