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WHAT’S UP DOC? Lines of communication IV…

* …’All colour had faded from the sky and although the big board by the gate creaked slightly in the night wind, there was no passer-by to read the sharp, hard letters that cut straight as black knives across its … Continue reading

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Above and beyond…

Over the past few years, the Silent Eye’s weekend workshops have covered many scenarios, from the gilded glories of ancient Egypt, to the medieval grandeur of the court of King Arthur. The themes and stories are no more than a … Continue reading

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Flight of the Seer IX… Stuart France

* Shortly after the ‘Leaf and Flame’ event in 2016, the outline for, The Feathered Seer, workshop took shape for us on the edge of an ancient necropolis overlooking Big Moor. The seeing that day, be it courtesy of the … Continue reading

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Flight of the Seer VIII – Stuart France

* During our ‘Church Tapping’ days we acquired the rather dubious art of Bibliomancy, that is, taking it in turns to read at random from the pages of the bibles which, like as not, had been left open on the … Continue reading

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Animal Magic

     Stuart France at The Silent Eye (photo – Sue Vincent) Bird-King In the Valley of Birds was consternation. All the birds had met there to choose a king but none could agree on which of their number it … Continue reading

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