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When winter ends…

In the northern hemisphere, it is Beltane, or Cétshamhain, the first of summer, going by the old calendar. It is a time of hope, fertility and of looking forward to a time of plenty; a concept we need to embrace … Continue reading

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Beltane Eve…

The thirtieth of April is traditionally the eve of Beltane, the rebirth of summer when, according to Borrobil, the strange little man of William Croft Dickinson’s classic tale, the dark king of winter must be defeated by the white king … Continue reading

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Living Lore reblog: Beltane and the Butter witchfrom Losing the Plot

Reblogged from Losing the Plot: Beltane is the second of four quarter days celebrated in the old pagan calendar and marked the beginning of summer, in particular turning cattle out into the fields, after overwintering in the barn. Beltane, better … Continue reading

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Rings of Earth and Sky – Steve Tanham

To find that time and circumstance Had placed us in an isle of fertile space Where others led us to a place A ring wherein the sky and earth would quarter meet There is no sense of wonder deeper Than … Continue reading

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Moonrise #midnighthaiku

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Raising the Maypole

It hardly seems possible that it is already a month ago that we were waiting in a place between the worlds for the rites of Beltane to reach their culmination. Glastonbury…the fabled Avalon… is a place where the veil between … Continue reading

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Beautiful people

I took far too many photographs in Glastonbury…and so far the tale of that weekend has not reached its culmination with the raising of the Maypole! But there were so many fabulous costumes, so many beautiful people, that it seems … Continue reading

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Art in the Courtyard

One of the joys of any visit to Glastonbury is, for me, the artwork. It is everywhere in the town, from public art to glorious graffiti. Almost every shop sells handcrafted work in every imaginable medium, from paintings and sculpture … Continue reading

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May Day in Glastonbury

Sunday morning, Beltane, the first morning of May…and we were in Glastonbury. After a leisurely breakfast, Alienora prepared for her role as Priestess in the morning’s proceedings. We would meet the others in the town for the start of the … Continue reading

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The eggs of the swan

After the festivities of the afternoon, there was time for a convivial meal with all our friends at the George and Pilgrim, the 15th century inn that still houses guests, history and ghosts. The town was busy with the Beltane … Continue reading

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