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Notes from a Small Dog: Scaredy Cats?

We’ve had a bit of sunshine but lots of fog and frost this week… winter’s on its way. I quite like winter, as long as it doesn’t rain. I quite like the heating and the cuddles… though just at the … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: Pets and fireworks…

She says it is fireworks season again…which means loads of pops, bangs and fizzes. Two-legses may like them… four-legses, not so much. I used to be really scared… But I’m all growed up now and my two-legs is pretty well … Continue reading

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Stars #midnighthaiku

* Darkness closing in Ephemeral stars ignite Children see magic *  

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Notes from a small dog: Not a happy bunny…

What is it with two-legses and things that go bang in the night, hmm? Ask any sensible creature… and they are easy to find, as we almost all have four legs each… and we will tell you that loud noises, … Continue reading

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Fireworks #midnighthaiku

Nature’s silent flames Pyrotechnical display Repeated daily In competition Recreating transient stars Man doomed to failure

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The old year passes Extinguished in a moment Just a memory A new year begins A story yet unwritten No more than a dream For just this moment Do we touch reality Face to face with now. Fireworks provided by … Continue reading

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A cautionary note from the small dog

Er, hello? Who said you needed to have fireworks for Halloween? Hmm? I know there is that Bonfire Night thingy coming up… I know ‘cause it gets dark early then they start letting of the whizz-pop-bangs every night… and I … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog XLVIII

The sky exploded. Flames and sparks and noise and smokey stuff. Some huge, fire breathing monster that looked like it was going to eat the moon. I tried barking at it to get it to go away, but it just … Continue reading

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