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G. Michael Vasey reviews “Finding Don and Wen”

Gary Vasey knows ‘Don’ and ‘Wen’ and their way of working in the landscape. His own new website, Earth Magic Brno has recently launched, and the book has pointed him in new directions… I enjoyed this book a lot. The … Continue reading

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Comfort #midnighthaiku

Distant memories Imagination’s comfort Carved in heart and stone

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The track to which we had been directed by the lady on horseback was the one we had already passed, deciding it had to be the right one, but acknowledging that the ‘farm vehicles only’ sign meant that we would … Continue reading

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The Lost Wedding Party  – James Elkington

Reblogged from Walking with a Smacked Pentax: I have been spending a lot of time on the beautiful North Yorkshire moors recently, specifically around the lovely village of Pickering. There is so much to explore, and not knowing the area much … Continue reading

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Soggy Bracken and the Fairy Mine by James Elkington

On our recent travels, we did something we have been trying to do for some time… we met up with our friend James, from Walking with a Smacked Pentax, for a bimble across the moors to a mysterious and well-hidden … Continue reading

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Where the Lichen Weeps on Stones by Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: Photo Credit: Sue Vincent In a land before time we remembered the curve of the Earth and how it mirrored the heavens Stars gazed past sight to the place of no mind thoughts were eclipsed by … Continue reading

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Snakes and peacocks

There was still a little time before my son had to be at the station… time enough simply to drive, showing him some of the places I love, places that call me home to a place I have yet to … Continue reading

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Dry #midnighthaiku

When the well runs dry Perhaps it is just because You turned off the tap It may be seventeen syllables, but strictly speaking, it isn’t a haiku. It doesn’t conform to the accepted standards for the form… it is simply … Continue reading

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That holiday feeling…

The last vestiges of autumn’s glory still clings to the trees, pale gold and copper against the damp-blackened bark and vivid green of the English countryside. The stone-built cottages, many of them still roofed with ancient slabs of sandstone, or … Continue reading

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The Office – Walking with a Smacked Pentax

Reblogged, in a spirit of utter envy, from James at Walking with a Smacked Pentax… Sheltering from the torrential rain behind a dry stone wall with a good friend, and talking for ages about previous expeditions. Sharing a hot drink and … Continue reading

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