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Tails from Westley Piddle: Henry ~ Part Three, , from Zozo and Jools at Usual Muttwits

Continuing the saga… click the links to read part one and part two…   The secret ingredient to KFC Gitorrf! is explaining through a noshful of spicy chicken strips to his bestie is chicken! Howd’ya mean? Tuffy, the Staffordshire Bull … Continue reading

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Silver ~ Di #writephoto

This is The Pool of Tears, Silver tears dropped by moonlight, Tinged with bronze as a new day dawns. The rippled sand caresses as it soothes, Absorbing the pain of her sorrow. Continue reading at pensitivity101

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXIV: A Lake of Legends…

Next morning we were once again up and away early, though this time our first stop was only a mile or two down the road and still on Bodmin Moor, a place where there must be as many legends as … Continue reading

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Launch Day!

Originally posted on Esther Chilton:
It’s here at last – the launch day for Publication Guaranteed (Well, Almost!). Thank you to those of you who pre-ordered the book. I hope you find it useful. The idea behind the book is…

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Abode ~ Anisha #writephoto

Her mind was spinning, so fast, like a broken directionless compass. She came from a land of hills from a place so high Continue reading at Crazy Nerds

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Black Shade…

* ‘Montgomery’s Men’… ‘The law of unintended consequences’ … The two phrases now ran in Sergeant Patrick’s mind like an insane tape loop… As they ran, quicker and quicker, going nowhere, getting nowhere, a dark form grew in the corner … Continue reading

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Winged waves ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

And we’re off on another WIP. This isn’t an excerpt, just playing around with ideas. For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo prompt.   All that is left of the great wave is a silver pool and the rippling fishbones of the … Continue reading

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The Right to be Wrong

The headline annoyed me. I barely needed to read the story. In a few words, it not only managed to criticise, but to ridicule the speaker… who had voiced a personal opinion… thus passing judgement for the reader, without allowing … Continue reading

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Lost in Thought ~ Aseem Rastogi #writephoto

He was cranky hearing the prolix speeches and decided that he needed to spend some time at the beach where he saw a ball of fire in the sky. Reblogged from Aseem Rastogi at Transition of Thoughts

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Unseen #midnighthaiku

Unseen, unnoticed Beauty grows in the shadows Perfect potential There are flowers, both wild and cultivated, in abundance. There has been plenty of rain and an abundance of sun. The purple loosestrife, always covered in bees of all varieties, is … Continue reading

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