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A Teacher’s Story – #2 ~ Jennie Fitzkee

Reblogged from A Teacher’s Reflections:  I don’t think people know who my hero is.  I doubt my own children even know; they would say my it’s my grandmother, Nan.  And, so would most people close to me.  Nan was the … Continue reading

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Our ~ S. S. #writephoto

our souls searing forbidden promises for another lifeline Reblogged from S. S. at Getting Lost

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A Thousand Miles of History XXI: The land that time forgot

We stood on the clifftop just beyond Ballowall Barrow, marvelling at the beauty of the seascape, or what we could see of it through the gathering mist. The bracken was already thigh-high, covering the fractured stone with a green blanket … Continue reading

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Wounded Angel ~ Steve Tanham #writephoto

She’d never rescued an angel, before. Never seen one. Never drunk that dark red wine that she would never drink again…at the village dance she wasn’t supposed to go to. But she had seen it! Had stared, soaked to the … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Numbers…

Dear Don, Do you suppose the 6 and the 9 being the same numerical ‘symbol’ inversed also indicate the inner/outer connection? Certainly the Yin Yang symbol that looks at the polarities and the intimate relationship between them looks awfully like … Continue reading

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Secret of me ~ Deepa #writephoto

waiting to bring back the color of the open sky and the shades of the trees, the sparkle of the sun beneath those eyes… Reblogged from Deepa at Sync with Deep

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The pan-dimensional mouse

I have spent a lot of time lately working with two-dimensional representations of multidimensional states. No, I don’t mean anything arcane and mystical… or something that belongs in the realm of science fiction either. I’ve been working with pictures. We … Continue reading

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Riddle Heart ~ A.A. Azariah #writephoto

“You know what you have to do,” said Jack. Philadelphia hesitated. He was right, she did know what she had to be. It was just too incredible. A fairy’s arbitrary favor and blessing, cursed prince turned outlaw, and a quest … Continue reading

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Light #midnighthaiku

Cherished memories Touching hearts light as feathers Fragile and fleeting *  

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