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Cover Reveal: ‘Paranormal Warwickshire’ by SC Skillman

Reblogged from SC Skillman Author: I’m delighted to be able to bring you the cover reveal for my new book, Paranormal Warwickshire, which is due to be released by Amberley Publishing on 15th November 2020. Paranormal Warwickshire by SC Skillman … Continue reading

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Reminding me~ Christine Bialczak #writephoto

Silver sunlight on the water Reminds me there are dreams. Ripples flow through shallow ponds Reminds me there are problems. Soft mud lines the pond Reminds me there are challenges. Continue reading at Stine Writing

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A Quick Pint Down the Pig & Ferret

Originally posted on USUAL MUTTWITS:
“Sparky’s a whippet, init! Sort of a pocket-sized Greyhound, ha ha!But ‘is big heart makes up for ‘is small paws and that’s down to solid training. Nah, not cay-nine training, I’m talking real training, mental…

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXVII: Toeing the Line

One of our main aims in taking the Cornwall trip, quite apart from the sheer beauty of the place and the fact that it is strewn with more ancient and sacred places than you could visit in a lifetime, had … Continue reading

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Locked-down and Armed: one man’s struggle with entropy (4) – Push and Twist ~ Steve Tanham

I didn’t set out to have three drills… The posh one, a nice DIY model from DeWALT, was bought because both the batteries for my previous drill failed at the same time, after lying idle in their case for nearly … Continue reading

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Secrets ~ Cheryl #writephoto

Sandy dregs in rivulet forms Reaching ever further to enclose the silver liquid Patterns disturb the glassed water, though Only the clouds know the secrets held by the dunes. Reblogged from Cheryl at The Bag Lady

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Bewildered and Beckoned ~ Jules #writephoto

overheard, “he is a shell of the person he used to be” …um… me trapped in silver pools of time … has the world changed… …forever? Continue reading at Jules Pens Some Gems

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The value of change…

Ah, Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire! Would not we shatter it to bits – and then Re-mould it nearer to the Heart’s Desire! – Omar Khayyam “I wish….” How … Continue reading

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Beaches In Training ~ Brianna Marie #writephoto

Alexandria landed hard in the watery sand, the force of the punch stung her abdomen. Was Valencia even trying to help her train or did she just bring her here to humiliate her? She stood, braided bun loosening from the … Continue reading

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Garden #midnighthaiku

Wild in the hedgerows Delicate and unremarked Nature’s garden grows

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