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Neha’s Favorite Blogs – Around the world Edition 2020

Reblogged from Forgotten Meadows: Hello Everyone, Thank you to all who followed the rules and shared your favorite blogs in this around-the-world edition of my fav blog list. I have done this since the beginning of my blogging journey and … Continue reading

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Hallmark ~ Anisha #writephoto

Anika was on a vacation at her granny Alisa’s place. She doesn’t miss a chance to get there. After all, it’s her dream home, to be precise, a villa, with whatever she could crave for – a huge pool, large … Continue reading

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Secret ~ Lee Ann #writephoto

What lies behind the keyhole to the heart? Turn the key if you dare; Open the door keeping us apart. Brambles of memories are intertwined. Chaotic thoughts flying every nook and cranny of the mind. Continue reading at Unfocused

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Broken ~ Ken Gierke #writephoto

Broken, this heart The key to opening it, left behind when we parted waits still for your return Continue reading at rivrvlogr… and do read the poetry in the comments too!

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Sowing seeds

“The spiritual journey is simple, beautiful and full of Love,” read the meme. Perfectly true, but taken out of context it doesn’t actually tell you all that much, does it? Not really. Like so many of the quotes out there … Continue reading

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Hidden ~ Tessa Dean #writephoto

Aaron followed the real estate agent, Laura, around the large property and poked about here and there. There was a stone shed-like building set in the back corner considerably far from the house. He was interested in viewing the inside … Continue reading

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Alien #writephoto

Alien life-forms Weird and wonderful beings Beneath our noses Trawling distant galaxies When home holds such mystery

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